Monday, December 3, 2007

where did november go?

The month of November rushed by us...or maybe ran over us would be more accurate.

Like you, we have a lot going on at the end of the year. I'm just going to post some pictures of the activities this month.

We had a church picnic. It poured rain all day long.

We had Thanksgiving... nine days early. Don't ask. But once we got there we were grateful and didn't even know it wasn't really a Thursday, much less Thanksgiving. We ate turkey and dressing, rejoiced, thanked the Lord, sang and played Rook. (At the least the more judicious of us did so. Others wasted the opportunity!)

I am the president of the board for our Bible College in Curitba. We had our annual meeting and then had the graduation ceremony. It was a blessing to see all the graduates, especially the three from our church in Barueri.

During the month of November we had a program with the children each Sunday and on December 2 we had a final activity for them. You'd call it a carnival. (Booths, ring toss, fishing pond, etc) They paid for the activities with "money" they earned attending church and Sunday School and bringing visitors. I said, you'd call it a "Carnival", but in Brazil we call it anything but that. "Carnaval" is the last thing we could or would have at church. It is wild, hairy and worldly. For want of a better word we called it a "festa" or party.

The kids had a great time. During the month many children brought their parents and we are still following up on the visitors.

Nathan, our son, came for a quick visit to renew his Brazilian documents. We enjoyed being with him and I had him preach the Sunday morning he was here. He accompanied me to Curitiba and saw a lot of his friends who are studying/teaching/pastoring now.

Lastly, here is a picture of my wife's grandfather, Paul Schubert, who celebrated 100 years of life the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Even though we couldn't be present for the party, we thank the Lord for his life and fine example. He is pictured with my beautiful daughter-in-law and all of my grandchildren. I'm pretty sure its our first picture of all of them together. Caleb is on the far right under Becca's shirt!


Pr. Eduardo Alexander said...

I'm disappointed you didnt show me in my cap and gown! Great looking grandkids.

Andy Foran said...

Excellent Pictures, and exciting happenings. I will be checking this a bunch