Monday, November 5, 2007

pictures from October

Here are some pictures from last month's activities. I did a children's day activity for one of our former churches. The interesting thing was how many of the workers were children that I taught way back then! These kids must be getting old.

Then we did a children's program at our present church on Sunday morning. Here's the kids that came on time. (most came late, later and really late!)

We attended the wedding of two of the young people saved under our ministry in Barueri (1994-99), Wesley and Tatiane.

Here is one of the big rats I saw next door playing tag and eating the dog's food. (Little wimpy whippet)

And here's a new family coming to our church. The wife has accepted Christ and is doing home Bible studies with Rene. Her husband is doing a study with me and coming sporadically. Pray for Nado, Beatriz, Guilherme and Gustavo.

At the end are pictures of an afternoon trip to Roselandia (Roseland) where they raise...roses. Notice the purple rose.

Thanks for your prayers. Lord bless, Graham and Rene Foran

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