Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost in cyberspace

I had a terrible time getting my blog back on line. Apparently, in my ignorance, I clicked something that made all my pictures come out like computer code. I finally found the responsible "click" and am back. Fortunately, I don't make my living on "clicks".
Since our last blog (in December) we had a grandchild (Caleb Nathaniel Foran), youth camp (its summer here remember), our Neighborhood Bible Time, our annual conference for our mission here in Brazil, the ordination of one of our preacher boys, a team from the USA, a baptism and a trip to the Foz of Iguassu with our visiting supporting pastor.

So much time has passed that it seemed like old hat to say all I was going to say about each event. So here are some pictures to let you know what it was like. The one at the top is Rene and I with the "Devil's Throat" behind us. It is the climatic finale of the series of 250 waterfalls that make up the "Foz de Iguassu". We thank the Lord for the wonderful time we had with Pastor and Mrs. Danny Sweatt from Berean Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. We saw both the Brazilian and the Argentine sides of the falls.

I think you can pick out the new baby, the Bible Time Kids on Patriotic Day, one of the baptisms, the visiting young people performing, the ordination and "Big Ball Soccer" from camp. The guy in the green shirt broke his arm shortly after this shot was taken. He is doing fine now and attending regularly.

If you want to see the children doing the "Booster Cheer" in Portuguese please go to the following link:

If you have trouble seeing it try googling "booster cheer in Portuguese video".
I got it that way.

Lord bless, Graham and Rene Foran


Pearson said...

We enjoy the pictures and updates this way, Brother Graham. God Bless,

Anonymous said...

We love hearing Updates about your work in Brazil. Can we receive your newsletter? Thanks

Mitch and Danyelle Neumann