Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall... Spring...Fall, Err...Summer?

South of the equator the seasons are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere. We are entering our Spring season. Its interesting how close the temperatures sound to the ones we're hearing about back home in Tennessee. Some days we have all four seasons.

I took Rene to visit the flower show in the city of Holambra, a Dutch outpost in Brazil. A couple of generations back a group of Dutch moved here. They mostly worked in agriculture, milk and milk products etc., and most famously the production of flowers. Every year they put on a big production with typical dutch folk culture, food and dress. It was fun to see and taste. Definitely, Dutch with a Brazilian accent. No tulips. I guess they won't grow here.

For the last two years I have served as secretary for All Brazil, that is, all the Brazilian areas of service of Baptist Mid Missions. We're divided into three separate regions, South, Northeast and Amazon. Every year each region has a conference for organization and fellowship. Once about every 5 years we have an "All Brazil" conference. 2010 will mark our 75th year in Brazil, so we are having a very special conference. It's been my job and privilege to help organize this event. You see the anniversary symbol that was designed especially for this year.

We are always proud of our kids. These are some of our Brazilian kids. Saved in our ministry and called to serve. The couple on the left are Rudge and Marina. Rudge was the bane of the Jr. High class. He was so full of life he just couldn't sit still. As he got older his restlessness became worldliness. Thank the Lord he got saved and eventually went to the Bible College where he met and married Marina. They serve the Lord in the Amazon region.

The family on the right is Cintia and Yuri and their son Arthur. Cintia was saved in children's church in our Cotia work and her family then moved to Barueri where they got involved in our church there. Yuri came to church because he was interested in Cintia. She wouldn't date him, but invited him to church. Yuri was saved and they both went to the Bible College in Curitiba. They married and are now serving the Lord in Osvaldo Cruz, a small town in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo.

As usual, here's a couple of shots of the auditorium We're offically out of money as of Friday. Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for helping us. Lord bless,

Graham and Rene Foran

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