Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Katie came to call

We got really excited to have our youngest, Katie, come to visit for two weeks between working at the Northland Camp and starting BJU. Katie hasn't been back to Brazil for three years, so even though it was a short visit, we thought we should bring her back to see friends and get some of her Brazilian documents up to date.

Not to mention visit her aged parents!

We did have a great time and Katie was able to get he Brazilian voter registration card (she's Brazilian by birth) and Social Secuity number. She even learned to drive a stick shift! I gave up trying to teach her to drive and shift years ago. She learned to drive an automatic in the states and learning to shift only took her about two days.

Here is a picture of our new church...well not really.

Its the Sala Sao Paulo, a center for orchestra and fine arts in downtown SP. We took Katie to hear the Sao Paulo state orchestra. The ceiling is made up of movable platforms that can be alterred according to the acustical needs of each performance.

Here's a picture of the inside of the church with the men doing the work. Each one was saved at one of our churches from the past. Our current electrician was saved at our current church. Plastering is all but done, doors are being put in and windows are coming.

Nathan and family began deputation in August. Here's the picture they are using for their prayer card.

Thanks for your prayers and friendship.

Graham and Rene Foran

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