Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Remember when people would ask, "Are we having fun yet?" Well, this week, Rene and I both, on different occasions made the same remark. "We're having fun now." We both know what the other is trying to say. The first few years of church planting is "work". Pure, simple, no frills, hard work.

Then all of a sudden, things start to gel and the Brazilians take over more and more and you are just preaching and teaching and...well, having fun! This usually means that we are about to leave and start over. We aren't leaving just yet. There is more "work" left to do, but it is definitely a good sign. Thanks for praying for us and keeping us here with your faithful support.

I've attached a few pictures, virtually at random. They are shots from last month. The men's Sunday School Class, the Primary classroom,

Nathan preaching during his visit,

the Traver family singing (notice Emily at the far right under the mike!),

and the construction. (Jeff don't worry, I was just using your car to haul some sand. The back door is practically as good as new, or will be when we get it to shut.)

Also, here's a note about our conference coming in July. Dr. Danny Sweatt of Berean Baptist, metro Atlanta area and Dr. Chuck Phelps, of Maranatha Baptist College will be doing a conference on Church Administration. Anyway they are coming.

Lord bless, Graham and Rene

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