Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Beginnings

New things are going on here. The biggest "new" item is the arrival of Pastor Francisco, wife, Tania and Raquel (9). They have been our friends virtually since we arrived in Brazil. Tania worked with us in Cotia and in Barueri. Then Francisco turned up and married her. They studied at the Bible college in Curitiba and have worked in a variety of ministries since. Now they are with us in Carapicuiba. Big plus, they love to play Rook!

The new year is also full of activities. We had a Carnaval Retreat for the youth of the church.

Along with the regular "camp" stuff...

we always have a dress up (well, for a camp anyway) banquet. You can spot the bachelor table. (they all went with Ariel, Pastor Antonio's daughter)

We had the first member of our present church, graduate from the Bible Institute in Sao Paulo.(Marv Fray, founding Missionary) Eduardo is lookingfor a place to serve the Lord. Pray for him and Fernanda, as well as, children, Daniel and Paula. You notice the Brazilian style graduation robes.

Here are more of the grads. Many of these are students that I have taught over the last few years at the Hope Baptist Institute. Pray for them and for more workers for the field of Brazil and the world.

We baptized 5 people on March 8, 2009. Here's a couple of them and the new members who joined. Lord bless,

Graham and Rene Foran

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