Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last words...and pictures

Dear friends, I haven't posted anything since December (if anyone besides Joan Hubele noticed. Thanks Joan).

With the new year and camps, conferences and getting ready for furlough, it just didn't happen.

Now we are about to leave Brazil for the USA and I want to take a moment to post some pictures covering the last term. (not exactly in order, but figure them out) Here is the empty lot we bought in 2004 and this (more or less) finished building. (more to be finished in the next weeks)

You see our new pastor graduating from Bible College and our latest pastoral student starting his work at the Bible College. (the tall guy behind the cakes) Also Pastor Rodrigo and his better half, Driele.

Also assorted pictures of programs, Bible College and special services at the church in Carapicuiba. Thanks for your support and prayers.

May the Lord bless you, Graham and Rene Foran with Baptist Mid Missions in Brazil

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Hey, I've noticed! :)