Monday, September 13, 2010

Looking back

On September 7 we commemorated the Brazilian Independence Day with a picnic...but due to pouring rain we ended up having it at the church. About 60 people came (I figued that everyone would stay home!) Some of the kids said, "Why aren't we going to the park?"

I had a meeting with these men from the Sao Jorge church to try and figure our what should be done about a zoning problem. It could result in the relocation of the church.

I preached for the 10th anniversary of the Jandira church. Here is a picture of the auditorium

the choir and

Daniel. He and his family will be headed to the Bible College in Curitiba in January. One other family from our church is doing the same thing.

Pray for growth and maturity at the Carapicuiba church.
Deus vos abençoe,
God bless,
Rene and Graham

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