Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just because its June, June, June."

Seems like there is a song that goes like that. Maybe only in Oklahoma. Well, its been a regular Brazilian, or Sao Paulo June. We've gone from cool to hot to cold...usually in the same day.

We have a nice little gas heater that keeps our living room toasty, but otherwise we just wear lots of clothes. Layers so that we can take them off as the day warms up or as we go from inside to outside. Its usually colder inside than outside during the day. This morning I finally had to put a towel on my head to keep the draft from going down my neck. It looked funny (no one was up to see it and I took no pictures) but it kept me warm enough to work.

Here are some pictures from the month. We had a Valentines Banquet (yes in June...we're south of the equator and water goes down the drain the opposite way and..., oh well. Yes, June!) That's me on the left and my girl friend on the right.

Then we bought land in Boituva for the church there. Here is a picture of the layout of the land and Pastor Lucio standing in front of the actual property we bought. Pray for him and the new work.

Then we took pictures to send to our former coworkers the Takahashis who are now back in Japan. The first picture was the crowd present on a cold blustery night and the other is the new people who have come since the Takahashis left. I thought they would be encouraged by the new people, many of whom are new converts.

Then we've got some little pirates. These are pictures taken at the Chick-Fil-a restaurant Pirate night. These are my favorits pirates of all. Some don't look too fierce.

Then we have a blue eyed baby Foran. Looks malnourished, I know. But we are hoping that his mother will start feeding him soon. His grandma wants to eat him up.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Lord bless, Graham and Rene Foran

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Andy Foran said...

Excellent pics, and I am so happy that you have bought another plot. Is that little highlighed section the one? It looks like a great location.